Hi, my name is Hamish Coltman, I’m the founder and Trustee of the ‘Growth Educational Trust’.

​Back in 2015, I left my job and went on a 57-day overland tour from South Africa to Rwanda with a friend of mine. Along the way, we stopped in Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda.


This is where my life changed forever.


I'd always wanted to volunteer and when I spent the day at Little Angels Nursery and Primary School, I knew that this was the place for me.

I finished my trip then returned to Uganda to spend five months volunteering. It was the best decision I've ever made. You could say it hooked me... well, more than hooked me, as I returned to Uganda multiple times.


My Ugandan experiences have changed the course of my life, seeing first-hand the struggle that children and families face is sometimes overwhelming. What I've learnt and seen first-hand of the people of Uganda is inspiring, they are kind, accommodating, fun-loving and very resilient people. Although life is a struggle and poverty is rife, they keep pushing for a better and brighter future.

Throughout my time in Uganda I noticed a need for rural children around Lake Bunyonyi. There is a gap that needs to be filled, they desperately need help providing a bridge between Primary and Secondary level education.

​I believe with the access to qualified teachers and higher performing secondary education these children will have the chance and opportunity to help develop a better future for not only themselves, their families and community, but Uganda as a whole.

That's why I started ‘Growth Educational Trust’. We focus on providing a bridge between Primary and Secondary level education through our Scholarship Programme.


Katrina Hammon

Katrina Hammon

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers, 

Jamie Coltman

Jamie Coltman, Hamish's father became the first trustee, of the Growth Educational Trust. Jamie jumped on board in support of Hamish & his vision in order to legally register G.E.T as a Charity and to get the ball rolling with fundraising and support.

Jamie comes from an Insurance background, with over 40 years experience in the industry. First 

John Harris

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